Commerce7 Reservation Map Generator


Provided to you at no cost. Powered by 5forests.


Spend minutes instead of hours creating your reservation map JSON codes.


Upload your property map, add your tables, enter table codes and titles, copy the JSON code to your clipboard, paste into Commerce7.

Upload your property map image.

Images should be 1200px wide by 600px tall.


  • All your work will be lost if you close this page, so keep it open while you're working.
  • Make sure your image is 1200px wide by 600px tall.
  • Make sure your image is a PNG or JPG.
  • Markers are draggable so you can fine tune where the tables appear on your reservations map. This is helpful for those compact property maps where some overlap may occur.
  • Make sure you test the generated code on Commerce7 before closing this tab, in case you need to adjust table placements. You can see the tables visually in your Reservations admin panel.